ImiKami device guides users through a series of movements inspired by nature, such as mimicking the flow of water or the graceful movements of wildlife. Through these movements, users can connect with their bodies, improve their range of motion, and enhance their overall well-being.

Users can train their own regime or use a pre-designed template that is targeted for specific goals, and improve upon these goals.

ImiKami tool incorporates biofeedback technology to provide real-time feedback on users’ movements and progress.

Additionally, our ImiKami tool integrates personalized goal setting and tracking mechanisms, encouraging users to connect with their inner motivations and aspirations for healing. This is achieved through prompts that encourage reflection on the concept of ImiKami and how it relates to their personal goals.

By incorporating ImiKami principles into the design and functionality of rehabilitation devices, this tool not only provide effective physical rehabilitation but also promote a deeper sense of well-being and connection to nature.